Trading Discipline

Discipline-TradingYou need emotional discipline or your trading will become erratic. The worst thing that can happen to a trader is that they experience a dose of ‘beginner’s luck’. An enhanced sense of confidence as the result of a few good trades (probably flukes) is a huge threat to your working capital. If you make a good trade – don’t let the adrenaline rush send you headlong into another attempt. Instead, analyse your trade – do you really understand why is went well for you ? If you do – great ! Use this knowledge towards the development of a controlled trading method. If you don’t understand why this trade was a good trade -heave a sigh of relief at your good luck – and recognise it as such.

You need discipline to develope your trading method, to stick to your trading method, to follow the rules of that method and to close down your trading platform if you cannot see a trade.

It bears repeating – if you cannot see a trade close down the trading platform and don’t open it again until the next day’s session.

The Wyckoff Spark

On a recent plane trip, yours truly polished off “How I Trade and Invest in Stocks and Bonds” by Richard D. Wyckoff.

Originally published in 1924, this short little book is a classic — well worth revisiting — and will later get a full review in its own right. (There is just something wonderful about old trading books.)

For now, though, the below passage is excellent — a classic demonstration of utilizing all the principles of the game.

Next in importance to knowing what to buy is the question as to when it should be done. (more…)

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