US coronavirus cases rise 1.6% vs 1.2% seven-day average

Highest rate of change since June 1

US virus cases rose 34,284 in the past day. It’s the second day in a row above 30,000 after ranging from 19-28K in the prior week.
  • California 3893, or a 2.4% rise
  • Arizona 3109 or a 6.7% rise
  • Florida cases rose 4.5% compared to the seven-day average of 3.4%
  • Texas hospitalizations have hit a record for nine straight days and 4430 new cases
Highest rate of change since June 1
TexasAn equally hot spot right now is Brazil where cases jumped 34,666 in the past day and 1022 people died.
In Beijing there were another 22 confirmed cases on Saturday.
Meanwhile six members of Trump’s staff tested positive for the virus ahead of his rally in Tulsa. Crowds were smaller than anticipated. This was purportedly as he took the stage:
Trump rally empty

Wuhan study says there may be no herd immunity against the coronavirus

Scary stuff

Scary stuff
The nightmare scenario for coronavirus is that there is no vaccine and no natural immunity. We’re months away from finding out anything on a vaccine but a report today on immunity is worrisome.
Chinese and Texas researchers tested 23,000 Wuhan healthcare workers for antibodies of the disease that would help them fight off a new infection. Only 4% had them when they estimated that at least 25% could have contracted the disease.
“People are unlikely to produce long-lasting protective antibodies against this virus,” the researchers concluded in a non-peer-reviewed paper posted on preprint website on Tuesday.
The study showed the people with more-obvious and stronger symptoms tended to have antibodies. That suggests people who fought it off with mild symptoms may not have developed antibodies.

HK media: There may be no immunity against Covid-19, new Wuhan study suggests

South China Morning Post  with the sobering news from a study at the epicentre of China’s coronavirus outbreak earlier this year.

The newspaper cites new research on antibodies by Chinese and American scientists, which concludes that humans may never develop immunity against Covid-19
  • study focuses on whether hospital workers in Wuhan who were directly exposed to infected patients at the early stage of the outbreak had developed antibodies
  • “People are unlikely to produce long-lasting protective antibodies against this virus,” the researchers concluded in a non-peer-reviewed paper posted on preprint website
South China Morning Post  with the sobering news from a study at the epicentre of China's coronavirus outbreak earlier this year.

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Novavax will begin human testing of its coronavirus vaccine …in Australia

Novavax says it has begun enrolling participants in first human study of its coronavirus vaccine

  • The company says it’ll test vaccine safety, immune responses in about 130 healthy adults in Australia
  • expects initial results in July
  • to expand study to US if promising

The big problem I see here is how to begin the pump and dump scheme if NASDAQ is closed for the holiday?

Novavax is a US vaccine development company.

Novavax says it has begun enrolling participants in first human study of itscoronavirus vaccine

How hesitant would you be to take a coronavirus vaccine?

According to a poll by Reuters/Ipsos, a quarter of Americans have little or no interest in taking a coronavirus vaccine

The survey was conducted on 13 May to 19 May, and gathered 4,428 respondents with 14% saying that they were ‘not at all interested’ in taking a vaccine and a further 10% saying that they were ‘not very interested’.
That said, an important thing to point out is that the hesitance can be tied back to the record-breaking pace that pharmaceutical companies are working at to churn out a vaccine.
Among those who expressed little or no interest in taking a vaccine, nearly half said that they were worried about the speed in which one is being developed – with more than 40% believing that the vaccine may be riskier than the disease itself.


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The number of potential coronavirus vaccines in development is now above 70

But, these are just two of many. The World Health Organization (WHO) says there are 70 coronavirus vaccines in development globally:
  • three are already already being tested in human trials
There are manufacturing contenders in the race:
  • Hong Kong-listed CanSino Biologics
  • Beijing Institute of Biotechnology
  • US’ Moderna and Inovio Pharmaceuticals
  • Pfizer and Sanofi also

Japan offers Avigan for free to countries fighting coronavirus

The flu drug Avigan will be made available at no cost to countries that ask for it to treat the novel coronavirus, the Japanese government announced Friday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference that about 30 countries have sought Avigan through diplomatic channels. “We are making arrangements to provide it for free,” he said.

Doing so will help expand clinical research into the drug, Suga said. At 2,617 cases as of Friday, Japan has relatively few of the more than 1 million infections worldwide, making broad clinical trials difficult.

Indonesia ordered 2 million doses of Avigan on March 20, and the country plans to begin clinical testing once the shipment arrives. The country has seen coronavirus cases there surge to 1,986, after going weeks without confirming infections in the early stages of the epidemic. Indonesia now has 181 deaths, placing it higher than South Korea, and second only to China in Asia.

Japan has also received a request from Turkey. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca met with Akio Miyajima, the Japanese ambassador to Ankara, last month and inquired about acquiring Avigan, diplomatic sources told the Nikkei Asian Review. (more…)

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