Wolrd Bank Says -Quality of education in South Asia poor

A World Bank report today presented a disappointing picture of student-learning in South Asian countries including India, saying much of what is taught is “procedural” or rote-based.

The study, which was the first comprehensive analysis on performance of South Asian educational systems said “many South Asian teachers barely know more than their students”.

“Students are poorly prepared in practical competencies such as measurement, problem-solving and writing of meaningful and grammatically-correct sentences,” the report said.

It said that one quarter to one third of those who graduate from primary schools lack basic numeracy and literacy skills that would enable them to further their education.

Strongly recommending raising teacher quality, the report cited surveys conducted in India and Pakistan, showing that teachers perform poorly in math and language tests based on the curriculum they are supposed to teach.

“Higher and clear standards must be enforced, absenteeism curbed and non-merit-based promotions halted,” it suggested. (more…)

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