China health official says China has officially launched emergency use of COVID19 vaccines

Coronavirus weekend news – Chinese media, Global Times, reports via Twitter that an official at the country’s National Health Commission:

  • says China has officially launched emergency use of a vaccine
  • the vaccine has been in clinical trial since July 22
GT also report on a more than 20,000 person phase III clinical trial in the UAE of Sinopharm’s COVID19 vaccine
  • has shown a high level of safety
  • efficacy is currently under observation
Coronavirus weekend news - Chinese media, Global Times, reports via Twitter that an official at the country's National Health Commission:
Both of the GT items are tweets only, not accompanied by further articles for more information.
There is one more that is accompanied by an article – saying that China’s first recombinant protein COVID-19 vaccine made from insect cells has been approved for clinical trials by the National Medical Products Administration.
  • vaccine is being developed by the State Key Laboratory of Biological Therapy of Sichuan University affiliated West China Hospital
  • vaccine uses insect cells to multiply in the culture medium and introduces the gene of COVID-19 into insect cells, which means the cell can be used as a factory to produce high-quality recombinant vaccine proteins and purify them for refinement.
  • vaccine was tested on monkeys and other animals, and was found to have a good protective effect against COVID-19 infection, with no obvious side effects
Given the history of how markets view vaccine news (generally positively) this threefer from the GT might be a boost for sentiment on Monday. There is still plenty of time left over the weekend for less than favourable stories to develop, stay tuned.

Heads up for oil traders – OPEC to release June report Tuesday

OPEC will release its monthly market report later on Teusday (I donlt don’t have the time sry).

  • will provide OPEC production numbers for June
  • which will show compliance levels so far (with the agreed cuts)
  • preliminary numbers showed compliance for the group was over 100%, aggregated,due to extra output curbs by from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait

UAE backs Dubai's banks

dubai-Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) — The yen weakened against higher- yielding currencies after the United Arab Emirates’ central bank said it “stands behind” the country’s banks, easing concern about a possible default by state-owned Dubai World.

The euro advanced for the first time in five days against the yen after the Abu Dhabi-based central bank of the U.A.E. said lenders will be able to borrow using a special facility tied to their current accounts. The Australian and New Zealand dollars rallied as demand rose for riskier assets after concern eased over credit losses in the Middle East.

“The decision by U.A.E. helped calm down credit woes,” said Akane Vallery Uchida, foreign-currency strategist in Tokyo at Royal Bank of Scotland Plc. “The yen, which was bought over jitters in Dubai, is being sold.”

Forget Copernicus: Saudi Cleric Teaches Earth Does Not Orbit the Sun -video

A Saudi cleric told students at a university in the United Arab Emirates that the Earth is stationary and does not move around the Sun, insisting any claims to the contrary are pure speculation.

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari said that the Earth cannot be revolving around the Sun because otherwise airplanes would not be able to reach their destination. In a recently emerged video, the cleric can be seen using a cup of water to awkwardly explain why the Earth is in fact stationary. Take a look:


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