Pres. Trump physical exam shows no significant changes

Strong as an ox

Pres. Donald J Trump
The White House physician is out saying that:
  • Pres. Trump’s physical exam shows no significant changes
  • He weighs 244 pounds
  • Trump took 2 week course of hydroxychloroquine with the zinc and vitamin D
  • EKG was closely monitored during coronavirus preventative treatment. Completed regiment safely and without side effects
  • Trump continues to receive regular Covid 19 testing. To date all results have been negative

PS.  A report of a study to be published in New England Journal of Medicine is saying that:

  • Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine failed to cut infection rates
  • The drug provides no Covid 19 protection
  • 821 people were given drug in randomized controlled trial
The drug was of course the drug touted and taken by Pres. Trump to help prevent him from getting the Covid 19 virus. I wonder if he was part of the sample?
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