PATIENCE FOR U1) If you insist on trading during unstable or volatile markets, keep your positions small.

2) If you go into cash, don’t get upset on days when we rally, it’s simply part of the game.

3) Don’t buy or sell stocks because someone else is doing it. Have your OWN plan, find a philosophy that works for YOU, and don’t blindly follow anyone!

4) Wait for the wind to be at your back. Right now, it’s swirling. No sense in forcing trades to make a few pennies when there are dollars to be made in better environments.

5) Let the market correct, let the dust settle, don’t be in such a rush to trade. I see too many people trying to bottom-fish this market and I feel like screaming: “You don’t have to trade!”

I am not saying all this to be an ass. I simply want traders to learn from my mistakes. I have lost too much money in the past by forcing trades in unfavorable environments. You are better off protecting your capital and more importantly, protecting your confidence. Wait for proper bases to form, wait for some institutional accumulation, and wait for sentiment to be “less bullish.” In other words, wait for a healthier environment…it might not be that far away. The key right now is discipline and patience.

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