When Strengths Become sabotage

The tricky thing about playing to our strengths is that it is often our strengths, applied across situations uncritically, that can hold us back.  The dark side of strengths are sometimes called derailers, because of their potential for interfering with progress and derailing success.
Consider the following examples:
1)  The diligent hard worker who periodically burns out and fails to maintain valuable friendships and personal relationships;
2)  The process-oriented trader who develops good trading habits, but fails to innovate and expand those habits;
3)  The trader who processes information very well through teamwork and social interaction, but who falls prey to consensus thinking; 
4)  The caring manager who has great relationships with employees, but avoids conflict and does not effectively uphold work standards;
5)  The trader who is passionate about markets and learning about trading and who loses money by overtrading.
In each case, a strength carries the seed of its own undoing:  what powers us down the track can also derail us. (more…)

Winning Attitude

winningattitudeOne of the most important tools that a trader possesses is his or her mind. Attitude can either make or break you as a trader.

To become a successful trader it begins with believing in yourself and having a winning attitude.

Everyone wants to be a winner, at least they think so. Unfortunately, most are not willing to perform the tasks necessary to become a consistent winner.

Winners generally achieve success by being focused on a goal. Being focused allows winners to remain committed to the tasks at hand. Most winners perform a lot of hard work, including a willingness to deal with sometimes mundane duties. Most of all, winners perform with an “I am responsible for both my failures and successes” attitude. (more…)

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