Habits :Read them daily

1) The market will instruct us what to do. Can we learn?
2) Participants’ humanity will cause typical price structures to arise.
3) Our primary job is risk manager…that’s why I believe in managing my resources. Most managers have too much career risk on the line. That is, they can lose more by being ‘out’ when it is perceived as a time to be ‘in’, than by losing money. The old saying “I’d rather lose half my clients than half my clients’ money” isn’t in their lexicon.
5) The markets spend most of their time not trending
6) Multiple time frames allow more precise determination of decision-making
7) More ‘precise’ decisions may allow for smaller losses
8) The slope and direction of the 50 period moving average are telling
9) Our job is simple: make money.
10) Having a regular routine (preparation routine) is vital

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