The wrong ways to trade

Without a plan. Get one already. It does not have to be good right now. I have been accused more than once of always thinking I am always right. I am just confident. The only reason I can be confident is because I am willing to change if the information changes. I have to admit I am wrong a lot. You will have to admit your plan is flawed too.

Without good notes. The market changes very fast. The brain is over stimulated, especially in the beginning. Your recall of events will be better if you write them down. The goal is to learn the most, the cheapest. At the end of the day when you review the charts you will not believe you took that trade. There will be something that you missed that could have helped you to act differently. It is your job to make sure it does not happen again, good notes help.

Not maintain trading environment equilibrium (TEE). Have you ever said or done something that you were not proud of because of emotion? What if you could stop time, take a few breathes, evaluate the situation and then act? You have that opportunity in trading, use it. They say that you regret not saying or doing something when you have a chance. That does not apply to trading. Those situations are a few in a lifetime type situations. No trade is more important than another unless it is your last. Let me say that again, no trade is more important than another unless it is your last. Yes you are going to miss the “winner” but it was hypothetical.

Losing more than you budgeted. Every Rupee counts, for every Rupee you lose you have to make another to get to even. This is not a normal transaction, you are not guaranteed anything other than experience. You should be a better trader tomorrow. There is nothing worse than having to have your “best day ever” to get back to even. Sometimes you are wrong, sometimes your system is broke, be able to trade tomorrow. Tomorrow may be next week.

Not having risk capital. If the market has to go your way a certain amount for you to pay your mortgage you are in trouble. The mind goes from reacting to what is there to hoping and praying. It may work from time to time but it is not a dependable strategy.

To summarize. There are no right ways to do anything, there are more efficient ways but that is based on experience. There is a path to failure, fight those battles. Call your father or those that have/ had a positive effect on you and thank them.

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