Doubt and Disappointment

We all want certainty both in and outside the charts. Problem is certainty is nothing more than hope wrapped in expectation.  Life is uncertain. A successful trade is uncertain.  If certainty is what we want then certainty we will get.  However, be prepared to meet certainty’s friends, doubt and disappointment.  Doubt and disappointment are, shall we say, in “cahoots” with certainty.  You can’t have one without the other.  This is a blessing really that we all too often turn into a curse.  A blessing because we have two new friends who can help keep us balanced, honest, and above all, human.  A curse because we choose to ignore their advice when we should be embracing it.  Embrace it you say?  Yes.  Because doubt and disappointment can lead to new discoveries and a deeper appreciation for what life has to offer.  Maybe, just maybe, what we believe to be certain, you know, that which we wrap up in hope and expectation, is not so certain after all.  Maybe, just maybe, our friends doubt and disappointment can lead us down a better path and a better life.  Maybe, just maybe, doubt and disappointment can teach us a new understanding about the markets and the charts, wherein we pin so many of our hopes and expectations.

What a ride this market has been on!  No roller coaster can compare. And the ride is far from over and triple digit days will continue for some time.  Today could easily be a triple digit day to the upside or downside or both!  Who knows? We have no certainty about where this consolidation will end and in what direction.  All I know is when a certain trend begins we will still be faced with doubt and disappointment, either because we doubt the new trend or are disappointed that the direction is not quite what we expected, when we expected it.  Then again, nothing in the market is quite what we expect.  Don’t be surprised if the market does exactly the opposite of what you want or expect.  If you are certain of its direction…I have two friends to introduce you to.

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