A huge Twitter hack appears to be underway

Elon Musk and crypto exchanges targeted

The Twitter accounts of many the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and influences appear to have been hacked, along with Elon Musk and others. They’re directing people to make bitcoin donations. Some on the list:
  • Cz
  • Binance
  • Gemini
  • Bitlord
  • Coindesk
  • Justin sun
  • Kucoin
  • Coinbase
  • Charlie lee(Satoshi lite)
  • Angelobtc
  • Tron
  • Bitcoin
It’s tough to imagine that the were hacked individually. Rather this looks like it’s something internally via twitter or some third party service involved with twitter. That looks bad for the company.
Elon Musk and crypto exchanges targeted
Let me tell you, if I wanted to make money and could hack Elon’s account, I would be buying TSLA puts/calls, rather than asking for Bitcoin donations.
Update: They got Bill Gates too.

Trump lambastes Twitter, says it is doing nothing about the lies and propaganda from China

Trump tweets out more criticism against Twitter

Twitter is doing nothing about all of the lies & propaganda being put out by China or the Radical Left Democrat Party. They have targeted Republicans, Conservatives & the President of the United States. Section 230 should be revoked by Congress. Until then, it will be regulated!

And so the drama continues to unfold. Once again, just be mindful of the situation here in case it creates further negative spillovers for tech stocks in general.

Chinese trade delegation en route to Washington to sign Phase One trade deal – Global Times

Global Times with a tweet update on the matter

US China

The update reads:

The Chinese trade delegation led by Vice Premier Liu He has left Beijing en route to Washington DC to sign the phase one #tradedeal with US officials, a source told the Global Times on Monday. #tradetalks #tradewar

It looks like all is going according to plan and schedule – at least for now – with the deal expected to be signed off later in the week on 15 January.
As mentioned before, the details of the deal will be of particular importance so look towards that bit of information next as to how market participants will tie all of this to US-China trade sentiment in the bigger picture.
So far, markets are keeping more steady in the run up to the trade deal signing with risk faring rather decently today. USD/JPY is still keeping at fresh seven-month highs around 109.90 while gold is down by 0.7% around $1,550 at the moment.

Ray Dalio debunks WSJ story about his bearish position

Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates responsed to WSJ article

It was reported by the Wall Street Journal earlier today that Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates had a 1.5 billion bearish option position on the S&P and Eurostoxx 600 index.
Dalio is out with a tweet debunking the story. He tweets:
 Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates responsed to WSJ article
Even if he did, or does,  have a 1.5 billion option position (it is not clear), it would dwarf the money under management (and likely long position).

Trump: Big sanctions on Turkey are coming

Trump tweets out a message to Turkey

Brian Kilmeade over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We are not going into another war between people who have been fighting with each other for 200 years. Europe had a chance to get their ISIS prisoners, but didn’t want the cost. “Let the USA pay,” they said.

Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming! Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey? Never ending wars will end!

This is related to the strikes in the northern part of Syria last week. The lira has fallen on the tweet as USD/TRY is making new highs for the day around 5.9350 from 5.9200 levels earlier.

A Trader’s 5 Best Teachers

Trading Losses: There are two types of losses, one loss is caused by the market simply not being conducive for the profitability of your system. The other loss is due to your lack of discipline causing your system not to work. If you followed your trading plan and had a loss that is to be expected. If you are trading a proven and tested method then you have simply learned that taking a loss is simply part of trading. However if your breach of discipline caused your loss, whether not taking a stop, over riding your plan, not taking an entry, trading too big, etc. then it is time to learn why you had the loss. Ego? Fear? Greed? Overconfidence? Laziness? and many other things cause losses. It is crucial that you learn why you broke your trading plan so you do not repeat the mistake again.

Charts: Studying the past price action of charts is very educational. It will show you how prices have reacted at  support/resistance levels in the past along with moving averages and any other indicators that you may choose. It is important that you understand how your market has historically traded whether it is currencies, commodities, stocks, or bonds. It is crucial that you learn how to identify a trend, a swing trade, and a range bound market. (more…)

Manage risk in the markets and in life.

No question that there is volatility in the markets right now. Too much volatility can lead to an increase in stress, especially if your trading involves holding positions longer than 5 minutes. Stress is part of the business so we have to adapt to it, both physically and mentally, or fade away. For some it is easier than others to find an activity to unwind and release some stress. Hitting the batting cages, taking in a movie, attending a sporting event, going for a jog or simply reading a good book are some examples.

I’d argue that those who have a difficult time taking a break from the trading world and thus the accompanying stress are also poor managers of risk. Having risk in the market is a given. Not having discipline to manage that risk is where they fail. We’ve all had that gut feeling that X is going to happen and a loss will occur, it’s part of the business. Those that take that loss, learn from it and move on are those that are able to escape the markets when needed.

Those that choose to not manage risk in the market fail to manage risk in life. Instead of taking the edge off at the local watering hole they stay there ’til last call, neglecting other duties in life. Instead of spending the weekends with family and friends to recharge they pore over charts, financial statements and twitter looking for the next holy grail. Always chasing, never catching.

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