Market Thesis

thesis-paperPurely academic, non applicable information. Writing them out helps me organize these assumptions into ideas. Hopefully you find some use for them.

1) Trading is like any other business, but not only in the conventional sense. The market is manipulated. The underlining principle behind this statement is that equities market is the same as any other market in the economy, whether it be technology or tube sock market – those with the biggest market cap control movement and direction.

2)While prices are moving in a current path identified by trend lines, heads of market are processing information and making preparations for the next shift. During the time traders see the trend forming and change their “bias” in accordance with the trend, heads of market have processed new information and are ready to take prices to a new level.

3)Technical analysis is a visual interpretation of how crowds behave in relation to price. It does not influence how prices will or should behave. When prices reach a certain level, the technical indicator at that level does not dictate how prices will react, rather, (more…)

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