The Dollar Meltdown: Book Review

090-1008121154-dollar-meltdownI had the pleasure of reading a final finished copy of The Dollar Meltdown by Charles Goyette.

Congressman Ron Paul offers an opinion on the front cover to which I certainly concur: “Goyette does a great job explaining why America faces a looming financial crisis and outlines commonsense strategies for individuals to protect themselves and their families. This book truly is a must read.”

Before publication, I read a preliminary copy which explains this quote on the back jacket “The Dollar Meltdown is the definitive guide to where we are, how we got here, and what the best investment opportunities are looking ahead, regardless of one’s personal views on the raging inflation/deflation debate”

Others on the back jacket endorsing the book include Jim Rogers, Lew Rockwell, and Peter Schiff.

Step by step Goyette outlines Where we are, How we got here, and What to do. The book is a nice blend of facts, humor, and practicality. It is easy reading and very difficult to put down. (more…)

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