Bloodsport teaches trading

In my all time favourite Jean Claude Van Damme film, Bloodsport, JCVD travels to Hong Kong to fight in the Kumite, a legendary, underground fighting tournament that takes place once every four years.

This piece of cheesy dialogue is highly relevant to trading:

Journalist: Why is it that no one will talk about the Kumite? What is this air of mystery? (pause) Why are you fighting in it?

JCVD: It’s personal.

Journalist: You want to prove your manhood to the world?

JCVD: The Kumite is for the fighters, not for the people who read the newspapers.

Lesson: Always remember your motive.

In this clip, JCVD is through to the the final, where he fights Kumite champion Chong Li. Note that Bolo Yeung (the actor who played Chong Li), was 49 years old when Bloodsport was filmed.

Types of People and Views on Market

What are the many types of people who disseminate their views about the market? What are the major categories that I am missing or what is a better way to classify and make this useful?”

No doubt, there is a book to be done on the subject. That said…

This list is presented in order of published appearance. A caveat: “many fall into more than one category and mobile via age and wealth changes.”

The Connected Person, who makes you feel without saying it that she/he is or will be connected to the very lynch pin of policy at the Interior or some such.

Tout, who has position and wants you in for his/her favor.

Sponsor, who advertises or sponsors programs that treat him/her well.

Would-be-manager without funds impresses with his/her knowledge/ideas for you to join.

Old lion
, who is not virile but still fights younger from replacing him/her in power/ romance.

, who hates everything modern and wants all back to old days before tech.

Spankist, a beauty but aggrieved to give spanking unless things in order her/his way; observed to be everywhere and influence growing among spankisto and spankista’s.

, who is always contrary, never reads papers or travels, and feels market is wrong.

Hole-In-Shoes, who only drinks coke and eats hamburgers, never pays a fee more than 10%.

Sanctimonious, who pretends to be honest while blind to any firm dishonesty/misdoing.

, who manipulates numbers retrospectively to allure investors.

Mystic, who looks at stars and bent keys.

Old Timer, who is guided by iron castings reports and freight car loadings and newsprint figures [sample]: all as timeless methods (non retro) with healthy respect for knowledge.

Fund Manager, who is quoted as “good buy” on stock that he/she sold bulk of before recall.

Jack of All Trades
, who explains every rise and decline due to (un)certainty about earnings and rates and other well chosen factors. Always welcome on TV because of his versatility. (more…)

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