Last Night ,Completed reading  Trade Like An O’Neil Disciple by Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher. One of the chapters, with a wealth of information, is “Our Bill of Commandments” wherein the authors discuss William O’Neil’s (think IBD) stock trading commandments. I thought it would be worthwhile to list them here.

1.  Never Get Carried Away With Yourself.  “The basic idea is that one should remain impervious to the illusions and trappings of wealth, as they often lead one to become carried away to the point where excess of one sort or another ultimately leads to one’s demise” (265).

2.  Never Operate From a Position of Fear.  “If you are fearful in the markets, either as a result of taking a recent loss or some other mistake, or even as a result of being nervous about the level of risk you are taking, then you are putting yourself in the position of making and unclear and hence incorrect decision” (265).

3.  You Learn More From Your Enemies Than You Do From Your Friends.  Make sure you take the criticism’s of others and use them to your advantage by recognizing that the more others criticize the more you value your own beliefs, trading or otherwise.

4.  Never Stop Learning and Improving. Always focus your mistakes and searching for ways to correct them.  That way you will not be as tempted to make the same mistake again. 

5.  Never Talk About Your Stocks.  This is purely an ego taming exercise.  While I personally believe it is ok to discuss technical analysis and stocks that may be on a watchlist there is really no benefit in bragging about success and hiding your failures.  It is ok to be wrong

6.  Don’t Get Giddy at the Top.  Bigger charts (such as the WEEKLY) are the best barameters for giddiness.  By watching over extended big charts, the trader’s emotions can be better managed thereby avoiding jumping on the caboose as the train is set to take a break from its recent trip.

7.  Use Weekly Charts First, Daily Second, and Ignore Intra-day Charts.  No need to focus on the noise at the expense of listening to the still, small voice of Mr Market. 

8.  Find The Big Stock.  Look for stocks under accumulation and then begin buying in preparation for distribution.

9.  Be Careful Who You Get Into Bed With.  Although not a trading rule per se, keeping good, solid company outside the charts, can help you be the best trader inside the charts.  “Trust and integrity between two people are the most important variables in life and in business” (269).

10.  Always Maintain Insane Focus. Focus “is what makes life worth living, and by relentlessly pursuing our passions we attain the state of insane focus that in turn drives high levels of success” (269).

No matter what you think of O’Neil and his trading strategy, one thing is for certain his commandments are applicable to all of us both in and outside the charts. 

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