Traders :Don’t Blame the Market or Others

  • When pain surfaces, if you are honest and in touch with yourself, you will own the upset and seize the opportunity to release that internal reality — to forgive! Pain functions to inform us of our errors.
  • False forgiveness is based on the belief that others are responsible for what we feel, and therefore it tends to reinforce that error. To forgive others, in this manner, for what happens in your mind leaves your pain intact and the opportunity to heal is lost.
  • Making use of every opportunity to heal is an important decision you can make and that decision will immeasurably accelerate your process.


One of Napoleon’s soldiers committed a crime — the story doesn’t tell which crime — and he was sentenced to death.

On the eve of his execution, the soldier’s mother implored that the life of her son be spared.

“Dear lady, what your son did doesn’t deserve clemency.”

“I know,” said the mother, “If it deserved, it wouldn’t really mean forgiveness. Forgiving is the capacity of going beyond vengeance and justice.”

As he heard these words, Napoleon reduced the soldier’s death sentence to exile.

Law suit? Porn addict? Divorcing? Seeking investment ideas? Worried about the world?-Just Spare 5-10 minutes to read this sermon

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish carpenter that was born about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem, which is now a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank about 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem.  Over the course of a very short period of time (about a year) Jesus developed a large following as a miracle worker and religious teacher.  He was publicly executed by crucifixion around the year 35, and many millions believe the historical narrative that he was raised from the dead after three days in a tomb, and later ascended into the heavens.

Below is an English translation of one of Jesus’ very famous outdoor lectures, which was widely shared by his disciples that were present, and eventually written down circa 70-90. 

If you take 5-10 minutes to read this sermon, then you will know what being a Christian is actually supposed to mean. 

I like to read this first thing in the morning, immediately followed by a few minutes of meditation where I sit quietly listening.  I would not expect everything in the reading to speak to you, but I believe something will, as is always the case for me.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Excerpted the Gospel of Matthew – Chapters 5-7 (more…)

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