NASDAQ closes at a new all time record level

Now erases 203 point decline and close higher for the 1st time in 4 days

The major US stock indices are closing the day near highs for the day.

  • The NASDAQ closed at a record high surpassing the previous high of at 10020.35
  • The NASDAQ has closed at a record low for the 20th time in 2020
  • Apple closes at record high
  • Dow industrial average erased a 203 point decline
  • NASDAQ post longest win streak of 2020 (7 trading days)
  • NASDAQ is up around 12% on the year
  • Dow close higher for the 1st time 4 days
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index rose 20.45 points or 0.66% at 3118.19
  • NASDAQ index rose 110.35 points or 1.11% at 10056.42
  • Dow industrial average close up 150.81 points or 0.59% at 26024.23

Dow ends 526 points higher, extending win streak to three days

U.S. stocks closed higher Tuesday, but off the session’s best levels, after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggested more fiscal stimulus may be needed as the American economy may only make a slow recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rising coronavirus cases in several U.S. states are also are concern for investors, even though retail sales and industrial production data show the economy is slowly recovering, and progress on the development of potential therapeutic drugs has been reported.

How did benchmarks fare?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +2.04% rose 526.82 points, or 2%, to end at 26,289.98. The S&P 500 index SPX, +1.89% added 58.15 points to close at 3,124.74, a gain of 1.9%. The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +1.74% advanced 169.84 points, or 1.8%, to end at 9,895.84.

All three benchmarks extended their win streak to three straight sessions, but finished below their best levels of the day.

Major indices have worst day since March 16th.

Dow and S&P down for the 3rd day in a row

The major indices had there worst day since March 16 as concerns about the growth prospects and increases in coronavirus cases weigh on equities.  Initial jobless claims should another 1.5 million increase which certainly did not help.

  • The Dow is closing at the lowest level since May 27.
  • The Dow and S&P are down for the 3rd day in a row
  • all 30 of the Dow stocks close lower with Boeing the weakest at -16.42%
  • worst day since March 16 for the major indices
  • The NASDAQ index snapped it’s a 4 day win streak
  • Dow and S&P on track for its worst week in 3 months
  • S&P index closes below its 200 day moving average at 3013
  • the Dow industrial average is within 300 points of a 10% decline from the high (24824 is the level)
  • the Dow industrial average fell back below its 100 day moving average at 25123.55, but is closing just above that level at 25128.13
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index -188.04 points or -5.89% up 3002.10. The low for the day reached 2999.49. The high was way up at 3123.53
  • NASDAQ index fell -527.62 points or -5.27% to 9492.72. That was just above the low for the day at 9491.30. The high was up at 9868.02
  • The Dow industrial average fell 1861.82 points or -6.9% to 25128.13. The low for the day reached 25082.72. The high was up at 26294.08
big losers today included:
  • Boeing, -16.42%
  • United Airlines, -16.09%
  • Delta Air Lines, -14.01%
  • Citigroup, -13.37%
  • Schlumberger, -11.60%
  • Southwest Airlines, -11.58%
  • Marriott, -10.91%
  • Fiat Chrysler, -10.10%
  • Bank of America, -10.0%
  • Ford Motor, -9.9%
  • Wells Fargo, -9.83%
  • PNC financial, -9.62%
  • Goldman Sachs, -9.14%
  • IBM, -9.12%
  • J.P. Morgan, -8.37%
The pattern of airlines and financials are chief among the biggest decliners today.
The biggest gainer in the Dow 30 today was Walmart which only fell by -0.87%. Procter & Gamble was the next best performer with a -2.41% decline.
Were there any winners today?
  • Zoom increase by 0.54%

S&P and NASDAQ snap 4-day winning streak ahead of US jobs report today

Dow industrial average ekes out a small gain

the S&P and NASDAQ index snapped a 4 day winning streak ahead of the US jobs report released tomorrow at 8:30 AM ET. The Dow industrial average up the trend by closing higher on the day but just barely.

The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index, -10.52 points or -0.34% at 3112.35
  • NASDAQ index -67.098 points or 0.69% at 9615.81
  • Dow industrial average up 11.93 points or 0.05% at 26281.82.
Below are the percentage changes and high low percentages for the major indices in North America and Europe. European shares end the day modestly lower after the sharp gains over the first 3 days of the trading week.
Dow industrial average ekes out a small gain_

Major US indices close near session highs

Dow industrial average rising by over 1%. Posts 2 day win streak

the US major indices are closing near session highs. The Dow industrial average led the index is charged with a 1.05% gain. S&P and NASDAQ posts the 6th gain in 7 trading days. The NASDAQ index is closing lesson 3% from the record high set in February.

The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index up 25.09 points or 0.82% at 3080.82. The high price reached 3081.07. The low price extended to 3051.64
  • NASDAQ index rose 56.326 points or 0.59% at 9608.37. The high price reached 9611.22. The low price extended to 9472.08
  • Dow industrial average rose by 267.63 points or 1.05% at 25742.65. The high price reached 25743.13. The low extended to 25523.74.
Some winners today included:
  • Chewy, +9.6%
  • Square Inc., +6.3%
  • Qualcomm, +6.2%
  • Alcoa, +4.53%
  • General Electric, +4.29%
  • Alibaba, +3.79%
  • FedEx +3.42%
  • Slack, +3.2%
  • Citigroup, +2.79%
  • Broadcom, +2.76%
  • Southwest Airline, +2.56%
  • American Express, +2.36%
Some losers today included:
  • LYFT, -2.85%
  • Wynn Resorts, -2.73%
  • Beyond Meat, -2.61%
  • Gilead, -2.53%
  • Tesla, -1.87%
  • Amgen, -1.43%
  • Raytheon technologies, -1.28%
  • Northrop Grumman, -1.16%
  • Intuit, -1.03%
  • -1.0%
  • Starbucks, -0.69%
  • Costco, -0.39%

Broad indices squeeze higher as sanctions on China are less than feared

Dow has best performance in 7 weeks. Second straight week of gains for the major indices

The major US stocks and see some squeeze higher into the close as sanctions on China are less than feared.  The NASDAQ led the way with a gain of 1.29%. The Dow ended lower as investors shifted back to the technology growth stocks.
The final numbers are showing
  • S&P index up 14.58 points or 0.48% at 3044.31
  • NASDAQ index rose by 120.88 points or 1.29% at 9489.87
  • Dow industrial average fell by 17.53 points or -0.07% to 25383.13.
In Europe today the story was different with most the indices closing near their session lows.
Dow has best performance in 7 weeks. Second straight week of gains for the major indices_For the trading week, the Dow industrial average led the way with a 3.71% gain in the US. The NASDAQ index lagged as earlier in the week the flow funds were into the more beaten down industrial stocks. Nevertheless the NASDAQ gained by 2.21%. The S&P index rose by 3.25%.
In Europe, the France’s CAC rose by 5.64% and the Spain’s Ibex nearly rose 6%. The UK FTSE was the under performer with a 1.02% gain.

S&P and NASDAQ erase yesterday’s losses

The last 4 of 5 days have been to the upside for the major indices

The major indices are closing with solid gains on the day.  The NASDAQ index closed at the highest level since February 21. Facebook and Amazon closed at record high levels.   The S&P index is closing higher but after trading above its 100 day moving average at 2975.37, the pair has rotated lower and will close below its 100 day moving average at 2971.61.  So that is a bit of a disappointment

The final numbers are showing:
  • The S&P rose 48.67 points or 1.67% to 2971.61. The high reached 2980.29. The low extended to 2953.63.
  • The NASDAQ index rose by 190.67 points or 2.08% to 9375.77. The high price extended to 9392.816. The low price fell 29304.199
  • The Dow industrial average rose by 369.04 points or 1.52% to 24575.90. The high price extended to 24649.48. The low fell to 24455.94
some big gainers today included:
  • Twitter, +7.83%
  • Alcoa, +7.88%
  • Deutsche Bank, +6.23%
  • Facebook, +6.04%
  • Wynn Resorts +5.88%
  • Slack, plus a 5.7%
  • Southwest air, +5.27%
  • United Airlines, +5.24%
  • Disney, +4.86%
  • Intel, +4.69%
  • Morgan Stanley, +4.4%
losers today included:
  • Lockheed Martin, -2.46%
  • Northrop Grumman, -1.94%
  • Chewy, -1.62%
  • J&J, -0.9%
  • Merck and Company, -0.86%
  • United health, -0.42%
  • Verizon, -0.22%
  • Pfizer, -0.13%
  • Home Depot, -0.03%

ICYMI – US Senate moves to punish China on coronavirus

From the US afternoon, when equities and risk currencies dropped away …. or more accurately, continued to drop away …

US Senator Lindsey Graham, (persistent brown nose to Trump), weighing in yet again to try to cover up from the disastrous US fumbling of the crisis:
  • accused China’s Communist Party of deception over the virus
  • “I’m convinced China will never cooperate with a serious investigation unless they are made to do so.”
Graham proposed a “COVID-19 Accountability Act”
  • requiring China provide “a full and complete accounting to any COVID-19 investigation led by the United States, its allies or UN affiliate such as the World Health Organization
  • require certification that China had closed all wet markets
  • bill would authorize the president to impose a range of sanctions
all within 60 days.
It weighed on markets and there is a little more follow through in early Asia.

Mixed results from the major indices

Dow down. S&P modestly higher. Nasdaq higher

The major indices are ending the day with mixed results
The Dow is ending lower. The S&P is near unchanged and the Nasdaq is up about 0.8% on the day
The final numbers are showing:
  • The Dow fell -109.33 points or -0.45% at 24221.94
  • The S&P rose 0.39 points or 0.01% at 2930.19
  • The Nasdaq rose 71.02 points or 0.78% at 9192.34
The European markets were mostly lower exception of the UK FTSE which eked out a is small 0.06% gain.
Dow down. S&P modestly higher. Nasdaq higher

S&P and Dow close at session lows

NASDAQ are on the day but off the session highs

the S&P index and Dow industrial average are both closing at/near session lows. The NASDAQ index remained higher on the day but well off its high levels.
The final numbers are showing
  • S&P index -20.02 points or -0.70% at 2848.42. The high percentage was 0.79%
  • NASDAQ index +45.266 points or +0.51% at 8854.38. The high percentage was 1.41%.
  • Dow industrial average -218.45 points or -0.91% at 23664.64.  The high percentage was up 0.72%.