S&P and NASDAQ close at record highs

Russell 2000 leads the way with a gain of 1%

The S&P and NASDAQ are both closing at record high levels.

  • S&P and NASDAQ up for the fourth consecutive day
  • Russell 2000 leads Way with a 1% gain
  • Dow rises for the second consecutive day
  • NASDAQ index closed above the 15,000 level for the first time ever
  • Energy (+1.7%), discretionary and materials led the gains
  • Consumer staples (-0.8%), real estate (-0.7%), utilities (-0.7%) saw the declines
The final numbers are showing:
  • Dow industrial average rose 30.55 points or 0.09% at 35366.26
  • S&P index rose 6.7 points or 0.15% at 4486.23
  • NASDAQ index rose 77.14 points or 0.52% at 15019.79
Meme, Chinese companies and reopening stocks did better:
  • Game Stop, +27.66%
  • AMC +20.15%
  • AirBNB, +9.89%
  • BlackBerry, +9.62%
  • Tencent, + 9.26%
  • Robinhood, +8.85%
  • Crowdstrike, +8.07%
  • Alibaba, +6.6%
  • Goodrx, +5.74%
  • Roblox, +4.92%
  • FireEye, +4.72%
  • Koss, +4.64%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond, +4.53%
  • Southwest they are, +4.31%
  • Chewy, +4.29%
Losers included:
  • Traeger, -9.49%
  • Novavax, -7.09%
  • Moderna, -4.11%
  • Pfizer -3.10%
  • Western Digital -2.39%
  • Uber,-2.05%
  • General Mills, -1.96%
  • First Solar, -1.6%
  • snap, -1.15%
  • AMD, -1.03%
  • Home Depot, -0.9%
  • Nvidia, -0.77%
  • Costco, -0.71%
  • Microsoft, -0.65%
  • Gilead, -0.41%

Solid gains for stocks as investors cheer FDA approval of Pfizer Covid vaccination

S&P and NASDAQ close at record levels

The US major indices had a solid gains today led by the NASDAQ index which increased 1.54%. The Russell 2000 also had a solid gain of near 1.9%.

The gains were help by the FDA’s full approval of the Pfizer Covid vaccination. The hope is that those who have remained unvaccinated will be encouraged to get vaccinated now, and also that businesses and local governments, etc. will start to force workers to get the approved Pfizer vaccination.
  • NASDAQ closed at a record high
  • the S&P and NASDAQ hit new all-time intraday record levels. The S&P could not stay above its previous record closing level.
  • Dow is up for the second straight day
  • NASDAQ and S&P client for the third straight day
the final numbers are showing:
  • Dow up 215 points or 0.61% at 35335.71
  • S&P index up 37.84 points or 0.85% at 4479.51
  • NASDAQ index up 228 points or 1.55% at 14942.65
  • Russell 2000 up 40.70 points or 1.88% at 2208.30

Pfizer/BionTech announce positive vaccine study results

Update from German Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies

Pfizer/BionTech have announced positive vaccine study results for their German phase I and phase II studies.
According to the companies the results showed a strong t-cell . The results expands upon early results from their US trial. There were no serious adverse events reported.

Nikkei 225 closes higher by 2.22% at 22,784.74

Asian equities buoyed to kick start the new week

Nikkei 13-07

It has been a solid session for Asian equities, with the Nikkei closing at a one-month high while we are also seeing the Hang Seng post 1.1% gains and the Shanghai Composite also seen higher by 1.9% currently.

The positive spillovers from US trading at the end of last week is helping, but also the fact that US futures are keeping more optimistic so far today.
Some market participants are pointing to this Pfizer, BioNTech vaccine story as a factor, following the more positive results that were reported two weeks ago here.
In any case, risk is on and the market is looking to keep the more positive mood going into European trading today. As such, the dollar is weaker across the board alongside the yen, with AUD/USD hovering around 0.6980 currently.

A history of Pfizer (1849 to 2015 )

Started in the 19th Century as a New York-based chemicals company, Pfizer has morphed into one of the titans of the healthcare industry. fastFT reviews the company’s history on the heels of its $150bn agreement to buy botox maker Allergan in the biggest-ever deal that will see it move its headquarters to Ireland.


Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart, cousins, launch Charles Pfizer & Co. using $2,500 borrowed from Mr Pfizer’s father. The company’s first product was “a palatable form of santonin,” used to treat intestinal worms.

The company already grows roots in New York, utilising a warehouse in the Willamsburg portion of Brooklyn as an office, laboratory, factory and warehouse.


Pfizer begins making citric acid, and becomes the leading maker of the tart substance. Demand is boosted by new soft-drinks like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi-Cola.


Mr Erhart dies, and Mr Pfizer leverages an agreement that lets him consolidate ownership of the burgeoning company.


Pfizer incorporates in New Jersey. (more…)

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