Navarro is now walking back his ‘its over’ comments!

White House Trade Adviser Navarro is now speaking with the Wall Street Journal denying the trade deal with China is over.

  • Peter Navarro declares trade deal with China is over
  • Risk trades getting smashed on the Navarro comments that trade deal with China is over
  • More on White House trade adviser Navarro announcing the trade deal with China is over

Now this:

  • Navarro tells the WSJ his comment about China trade being “over” not as seems.
  • Says he was trying to make broader point about “trust.”
  • ‘Its over’ was not about the phase 1 deal, that remains in place
OK, so the lack of comment from Trump was the tell – Navarro was wrong to say what he did. This is an epic f*ck up from Navarro. Says he was making a point about trust … what, not to trust a thing this idiot says?
Still, if you caught some of the moves its all good!
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