1)Nobody is bigger than the market.

 2)The challenge is not to be the market, but to read the market. Riding the  wave is much more rewarding than being hit by it.
 3)Trade with the trends, rather than trying to pick tops and bottoms. 
 4)There are at least three types of markets: up trending, range bound, and  down. Have different trading strategies for each.
 5)In uptrends, buy the dips ;in downtrends, sell bounces. 
 6)In a Bull market, never sell a dull market, in Bear market, never buy a dull  market. 

 7)Up market and down market patterns are ALWAYS present, merely one is  more dominant. In an up market, for example, it is very easy to take sell  signal after sell signal, only to be stopped out time and again. Select trades  with the trend. 
 8)A buy signal that fails is a sell signal. A sell signal that fails is a buy signal. 

Anirudh Sethi's Lessons From 2008 : Part – II


1)In panics there is almost nowhere to make money without taking excessive risk
2)Timing entries and exits to oversold & overbought conditions helps achieve low-risk/high-reward entries
3)There is no such thing as a safe investment
4)Markets are dysfunctional, corrupt, and have no oversight
5)To let a stock prove itself to me, prior to jumping in based on my analysis alone (more…)

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