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I had just started reading David L. Caplan’s book The New Option Secret: Volatility. But today I merely want to share two powerful images from the book that might make it easier for beginning option traders to understand the impact of time on their position. More experienced traders can empathize.

Let me quote Caplan.

“The short premium trader thinks like a troubled adolescent who cannot wait for the time to pass, and move on to the next stage of life. . . . Each day presents the possibility of a major tragedy. The adolescent thinks, ‘When will it be over?’

“The long premium trader worries like an old man who has not yet left his mark on life, but is still trying to. He knows his days are numbered. . . . He says to himself, ‘If I only had more time.’”

9 Trading Option Books from our Library

Get Rich With Options While the publisher choose an aggressive title for this book it does lay out four good option trading strategies. Selling puts on stocks that you want to own at lower prices anyway, option credit spreads, selling covered calls or income on long term holdings, and my personal favorite: deep-in-the-money call options. Very few ever discuss the power of buying DITM call options where you control the full upside of a stock for less risk and with far less capital.

The Bible of Option Strategies This is the encyclopedia of option strategies covering everyone that I know of. You get a description of each strategy along with specific metrics for each one on the steps in creating it, the rationale to trade it, if it is net debit or credit, the effect of time decay on the strategy, appropriate time period, selecting the right stocks and options, risk profile, the Greeks, the advantages and disadvantages and how to best exit the trade. This book is meant as a reference book but I read it through cover to cover.

Trading Stock Options Complete reverse from the above book, this is like the Cliff’s Notes of complex trading strategies. The author shows how he trading real option trades for big profits and a few some smaller losses. He simplifies many strategies to make the understandable especially playing long strangles and straddles through earnings by betting on actual post earnings volatility being greater than the volatility that is priced in to the options through Vega.

Trading On Corporate Earnings This is a great book on how to best play holding through earnings announcements by using options instead of stock. (more…)

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