Crises and Panics

Came across an interesting pamphlet on Crises and Panics by James L. Fraser. It’s an interesting if brief history up through the early 60s. I thought I would share his comments on identifying traits and causes of panics/crises. I am paraphrasing a bit and not completely quoting him on each bullet point here. Bear in mind, this was written in 1965.

1) Extravagance of living, first by a few, and then by many…
2) General belief in impregnable prosperity…
3) Lavish private expenditures, which appear to be natural offshoots of immense federal projects…
4) An appetite for speculation
5) Easy money and availability of credit

Indications of impending crises:
1) Rising prices
2) Increased activity of established businesses seeking more production, more sales…
3) Active loan demand
4) Strong increase in labor employment
5) Extravagant public and private expenditures
6) Speculative mania, together with dishonest methods, fraud
7) Labor strikes and increased general violence / social instability
8) Excessive pride of opinion, especially an “American First” attitude (more…)

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