The Federal Reserve flags risks and twice–yearly report on financial hazards

Federal Reserve publishes its 2020 financial stability report

  • warns financial sector vulnerabilities likely to be significant in near-term
  • pandemic strains on household and business balance sheets likely created fragility’s that last for some time
  • warns banking sector may experience strains as a result of economic and financial stocks
  • Banks so far have been able to meet demand for credit line drawdowns while adding to loan-loss reserves
  • some hedge funds have been severely affected by large asset price declines and volatility, contributing to market dislocations
  • primary dealers struggled to provide intermediation services at peak stress periods
  • asset prices subject to significant declines if pandemic worsens
  • funding markets were less fragile than in financial crisis but still suffered strains required Fed intervention
  • high levels of business debt likely to make economic fallout from pandemic worse
  • pandemic poses severe risk to businesses of all sizes and millions of households
  • pandemic to cause a sharp rise in defaults on household debt
  • market debt for long dated treasuries and treasury futures in March fell to record low and has shown only modest improvements since
  • mortgage servicers under strain from forbearance could lead to less mortgage credit and some failures in the future
  • further dollar appreciation could put additional strains on US firms that rely on exports and supply chains in their operations
  • Covid 19 risks, a no deal Brexit, still poses risks to European and US financial systems
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