NPA on Rise …Think about it !

Finance Ministry expects the gross NPA levels of PSBs to go up substantially in the current fiscal because many restructured accounts of previous years may turn into NPAs this fiscal.

Meanwhile, the gross NPA level of new private sector banks increased to Rs 13,772 crore in end March 2010 from a level of Rs 10,419 crore in end March 2008. The gross NPAs of old private sector banks stood at Rs 3,612 crore in end March 2010, higher than the level of Rs 2,557 crore in end March 2008.

The gross NPA level of PSBs stood at Rs 57,301 crore as of end March 2010, much higher than the level of Rs 39,749 crore in end March 2008.

RBI data :Can create Tremor in Bank Stocks

 After looking at the number of Indian Banks….it looks “All is not well ” The numbers are reminiscent of the previous rate hike cycle. The overall asset quality of Indian banks has started deteriorating. The Indian entities endured a long and painful exercise of cleaning up their asset quality. However, they are once again facing problems sustaining the same.

The latest RBI data shows that the Indian banking system’s gross and net NPAs have risen by 50% YoY and 25% YoY respectively. This certainly is a cause for concern. Banks can distort their NPA proportion by growing assets aggressively. But unless they check the quality of growth, their profits are sure to get eroded.

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