Chinese state council says will step up punishment for IP infringement

Comments via Xinhua

  • Will step up policy support for trade development
  • Will lower non-tariff trade barriers
  • Will further accelerate efforts to build exports control system to manage trade risks
  • Will properly resolve trade frictions
  • Will further widen market access for foreign capital
Can’t really help to think that the comments above are no coincidence to the timing of the situation after the HK bill. If anything, I reckon China wants to impose their authority to make sure the US knows that they can’t simply mess with China’s internal affairs.
However, at the same time, they are also seemingly not going to push the relationship until it breaks and that there is still some gesture of goodwill to try and get to a “Phase One” deal. The question now is, can both sides see eye to eye long enough to make it work?
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