Doubt everything.Find your own light

buddha_at_deer_parkThese were the last words of Buddha ,in the Theravada tradition.The title Buddha means ‘Enlightened one ‘ or ‘Awakened One’.In Buddhism ,the Buddha refers to Siddhartha Gautama,born in Lumbini in modern Nepal.According to most traditions ,he lived many lives before coming to our present world era.Born a prince ,at the age of 13 he was escorted out of the palace.Buddha came across the  ‘four sights ‘ :an old crippled man ,a diseased man ,a decaying corpse and finally an ascetic.Gautama realized that age ,disease ,death and pain were inescapable ,and that the poor would always outnumber the rich.However ,even if one was wealthy ,everyone shared age ,disease ,death and pain.Neither money nor peace can relieve people from fear and anxiety ,or lead them to ultimate happiness.

Departing from the palace and wearing rags ,Gautama studied meditation ,becoming an ascetic in his search for enlightenment.He found that the true  liberation from worry could be attained only by reaching a state of absolute tranquillity and enlightenment.Buddhism had evolved into three major schools of teaching ,and its peaceful and forgiving tenets have influenced  later religions.

After 45 years of teaching ,the Buddha passed into Parinirvana ,the state of Nirvana attained at his last sermon ,he encouraged his disciples to diligently ‘doubt everything ‘and seek the truth ,not holding on to that which is impermanent.

I Trade In The Zone.

  1. I Trade In The Zone’. I Trade IN The Moment, IN The Present, With Total Disregard For What Others Think & Feel About Me.
  2. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. I Ignore ALLEmotions & Defensive Perspectives. I Trade; I Do, I Act From An Entirely Detached & Impartial Perspective.
  3. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. Only In The Zone Do I See The Market As It Truly Is.
  4. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. I Block Out ALL Bad Habits & Self-Limiting Beliefs Attained From My Past, My Environment & Their Surrounding Noise.
  5. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. My Mind Is Pure, Clear, Focused & Yet Empty. The product Of‘Choice’ Means I ALWAYS Can; At Will, ‘Trade In The Zone’.
  6. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. I Trade Without Ego, Never Reacting To Pain, Sorrow Or Fear. I Just Trade The Market As It Truly Is. I Am A Super Trader, I Am The Master Of My Emotions, & So I Can Trade In The Zone. ‘I TRADE IN THE ZONE’.
  7. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. Trading In MY Zone Means I Distinguish Actual Reality From My Interpretations & Projections Of Reality. I Control The Zone!
  8. ‘I Trade In The Zone’. Only In The Zone, My Centred State, Can I ‘Super Trade.’ I Flow With Trends, I Spot Reversals & Breakouts; I Cut Losses Without Hesitancy & Let My Profits Run Perpetually. ‘I Trade In The Zone’.
  9. The Zone Is Where I Live; It’s My Nirvana, My Sanctuary, My Paradise, My Heaven.
  10. I LIVE & TRADE In The Zone. The Zone Is In Me; & The Key To Enter Is Within Me Forever!
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