Nikkei 225 closes lower by 0.76% at 22,770.36

A down day for Asian stocks

Nikkei 16-07

A poor day for Asian equities as profit-taking activity was the reason most alluded to for the drop after the Nikkei also touched a one-month high yesterday, not to mention the slump in Chinese equities as well.

Tokyo reporting a daily record of 280 new virus cases added to the softer tone in general too. The mood in US futures also isn’t helping, with E-minis seen down 0.4% currently.

The Hang Seng is down 1.1% while the Shanghai Composite is seeing losses of 2.3% now.
In the currencies space, this is seeing the dollar keep mildly firmer but nothing too significant as trading ranges remain relatively modest for the time being.

Nikkei 225 closes higher by 1.59% at 22,945.50

Japanese stocks boosted by more upbeat Wall Street sentiment

Nikkei 15-07

The late surge by US stocks overnight is helping to give Asian equities a decent lift in trading today, though Chinese and Hong Kong stocks are weighed down by US-China tensions after Trump removed Hong Kong’s special status earlier in the day.

The Hang Seng is seen at flat levels now after trading in the red earlier while the Shanghai Composite has pared some losses to be down by 0.2% currently.
Elsewhere, US futures are still keeping more upbeat with S&P 500 futures up by ~0.8%.
That is keeping the likes of the aussie and kiwi more underpinned ahead of European morning trade, with AUD/USD flirting with the 0.7000 handle while NZD/USD is trying to crack back above its key hourly moving averages at 0.6552-69.

Nikkei 225 closes higher by 2.22% at 22,784.74

Asian equities buoyed to kick start the new week

Nikkei 13-07

It has been a solid session for Asian equities, with the Nikkei closing at a one-month high while we are also seeing the Hang Seng post 1.1% gains and the Shanghai Composite also seen higher by 1.9% currently.

The positive spillovers from US trading at the end of last week is helping, but also the fact that US futures are keeping more optimistic so far today.
Some market participants are pointing to this Pfizer, BioNTech vaccine story as a factor, following the more positive results that were reported two weeks ago here.
In any case, risk is on and the market is looking to keep the more positive mood going into European trading today. As such, the dollar is weaker across the board alongside the yen, with AUD/USD hovering around 0.6980 currently.

Nikkei 225 closes lower by 1.72% at 22,977.75

The Nikkei falls back below the 23,000 mark

Nikkei 30-01

Fears surrounding the coronavirus outbreak continue to reverberate across markets and risk trades are largely suffering as a result. The fact that Facebook earnings wasn’t good enough – slower growth and profits guidance – only adds oil to the risk-off fire today.

US futures are down by 0.5% while Treasury yields are marked lower across the board following a sharp drop yesterday. 10-year yields are now at 1.568%, down by 1.5 bps.
As a result of the softer risk mood, USD/JPY is sitting around 108.92 currently – with focus turning to the 100-day moving average @ 108.75 once again.

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