Recommended Reading

1. How to Make Money in Stocks  (by William J O’Neil)

This is the best stock market trading book ever written. It gives you an excellent blend of technical and fundamental analysis lessons based on what really works in the market. The strategies, methods and principles taught in this book are proven historically. This book covers a lot of ground and provides an excellent foundation to build your successful trading plan and begin your investment career.

2. Reminiscences of a Stock  Operator  (by Edwin Lefevre) 1923

An all time classic. This is the most widely read, highly recommended market trading book ever. Its certainly a must read for all investors, novice or experienced. Packed full of great trading knowledge. This book is full of market gems.

3. The Battle For Investment Survival  (by Gerald Loeb) 1935

Another all time classic. Great trading wisdom can be extracted from this book. Learn to trade stocks from one of the best. Loeb is truly a market genius. Reading this book would be a great investment in your future as a trader or investor. 

4. Market Wizards  (3 books by Jack D. Schwager)

Three excellent books that feature interviews of the world’s greatest traders and investors. The books ask questions that traders and investors would love to ask these superstars of trading. The answers given are a fantastic wealth of knowledge. Covers the stock market, futures, options and most other trading venues in the investment world.

5. Lessons From the Greatest Stock Traders of All Time  (by John Boik)

Five great stock market traders from various eras give you superb lessons on how to be a consistent winner. William J O’Neil, Gerald Loeb, Bernard Baruch, Jesse Livermore and Nicolas Darvis turn this book into a trading bible. Learn from the best and become a market superstar in the investment world. (more…)

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