Tokyo reportedly finds 266 new coronavirus cases in latest update today

NHK reports on the latest virus situation in the Japanese capital

That just reaffirms the narrative that the low count from yesterday was largely skewed by the ‘weekend effect’ and the fact that there was a long weekend in Japan.

The virus trajectory in Japan has not been encouraging since the start of the month, with the spread of infections already surpassing that seen during the initial outbreak. As of yesterday, Japan has recorded over 8,000 active cases – the most since early May.

For now, the government is still maintaining that the situation does not call for any extraordinary measures to curb the spread of infections but let’s see how long they can keep at this with the Olympics next year a key focus as well.

Japan has approved a coronavirus drug – dexamethasone

NHK report overnight via Bloomberg

Japan’s health ministry has approved the use of the steroid drug dexamethasone
  • for the treatment of coronavirus patient
  • following the approval of remdesivir in May
Dexamethasone has been reported as reducing deaths among patients with severe cases of COVID-19
Dexamethasone is cheap, widely available.
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