Stock Market Quiz

What were the five oldest stock exchanges worldwide?

Antwerp Bourse 1460
Lyons Bourse 1506
Toulouse Bourse 1549
Hamburg Bourse 1558
London Royal Exchange 1571


What were the three oldest stock exchanges in the US?


Philadelphia Stock Exchange 1790
New York Stock Exchange 1792
Boston Stock Exchange 1834


What were the three oldest commodities exchanges in the US?

Chicago Board of Trade 1848
Kansas City Board of Trade 1856
New York Cotton Exchange 1870


What were the first publicly traded securities in the U.S.?

$80 million in U.S. Government bonds that were issued in 1790 to refinance Revolutionary War debt.

When where the beginnings of the New York Stock Exchange established and what was the name of the founding document?

In 1792, the Buttonwood Agreement, signed by twenty-four brokers and merchants on Wall Street, agreeing to trade securities on a common commission basis.

What was the first listed company on the New York Stock Exchange?

Bank of New York, which was the first corporate stock traded under the Buttonwood tree in 1792, and the first listed company on the NYSE.

Who were the 24 brokers who signed the “Buttonwood Agreement” on May 17, 1792, and became the first New York Stock Exchange members? Leonard Bleecker , Hugh Smith , Armstrong & Barnewall , Samuel March , Bernard Hart , Alexander Zuntz , Andrew D. Barclay , Sutton & Hardy , Benjamin Seixas , John Henry , John A. Hardenbrook , Samuel Beebe , Benjamin Winthrop , John Ferrers , Ephraim Hart , Isaac M. Gomez , Gulian McEvers , Augustine H. Lawrence , G. N. Bleecker , John Bush , Peter Anspach , Charles McEvers, Jr. , David Reedy , Robinson & Hartshorne 

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