Emotional Intelligence

A recent review highlighted different models and definitions of emotional intelligence. Among the features associated with emotional intelligence are:

* Ability to accurately read emotion in others and respond in empathic and appropriate ways;

* Ability to effectively assimilate emotion in thought and action for coping and problem solving;

* Ability to regulate emotion, channeling it into motivation, persistence, and effective relationships.

The traits assessed by questionnaires measuring emotional intelligence are wide ranging:

* Adaptability – Flexibility and willingness to adapt to new conditions;
* Emotional Regulation – Ability to control emotions and their expression;
* Low Impulsiveness – Ability to refrain from giving into urges;
* Self Motivation – Tendency to persist in the face of adversity;
* Social Awareness – Ability to effectively network with others;
* Stress Management – Ability to withstand pressure and perform effectively;
* Empathy – Ability to take the perspective of others;
* Optimism – Tendency to look on the bright side of life;
* Happiness – Tendency toward cheerfulness and satisfaction. (more…)

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