Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Each of us has a comfort zone. That area where everything seems to work like we desire, stress is almost non-existent and we can basically move forward with our eyes closed and not worry.

This might sound like the best way to trade, however, if we never strive to grow, to adjust, to refine to get better, we will actually fade away and regress instead of remaining comfortable.

It is a challenge to try new things because once we step outside of the area where we know 100% what we are doing, we will experience nervousness, mistakes, criticism, stress and more.

There is also a great amount of success awaiting those who will step forward and grow. Once we move outside of our comfort zone and enhance our trading skills, increase our trading, add to our strategies, etc. we will soon grow into these new skills and environments and in a very short amount of time, this will be our new comfort zone which will be the reward for moving forward instead of sitting still.

Remember… everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

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