Anil drops ADAG from corporate logo

Anil Ambani has dropped his name from the corporate logo for Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group, set up after the split of the Reliance empire in 2005.

The line ‘Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’, written under the logo, has made way for the just the company name. It will now on be known as the Reliance Group. The colour of the logo, too, has been changed from light blue to navy blue. And the red coloured arrow of the brand has been transformed to a triangle.

The design change has been done by Singapore-based Bonsey Design.


The websites of the group are already showcasing the new identity.

Head (branding) of the group, Sanjay Behl says, “Reliance is a rightful-brand for us. We are just contemporising it”. He says the group is now adding the Reliance master brand focus to Anil Ambani group of companies.

He said the ADAG group’s identity remains, but it will not be the master brand. The difference with the other Reliance, of Mukesh Ambani, is stylistic. While Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance is written in small letters, the ADAG Reliance is in capitals.

Behl said the focus of rebranding is to strengthen the brand identity and de-clutter it. In terms of magnitude, this will be much larger than the last branding exercise the group did in 2006.

The group now works in seven sectors with almost 27 businesses and most of these are consumer-facing ones.

About 250 million people are being contacted by some Reliance business or the other almost on a daily basis.

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