Timing vs. Price

Probably one of the biggest hurdles most traders are struggling with is their obsession with entry prices. You will often hear people brag about their entry price and how they picked a bottom. You mostly never hear them talk about their overall performance. Let alone the bad trades they made. Throw a few darts – you’ll be lucky every now and then.


Here is an example to show what I mean. One of the stocks I plan to enter is PCX – Patriot Coal. It is on my public list and I’ve annotated it. What I am looking for is a flag pattern to develop. If we get one – and right now it looks like PCX is indeed starting to build one – I will be watching it very closely. I will watch for clues if my entry rationale is still valid. Is price retreating in orderly fashion? Is volume decreasing during the consolidation?

So what about price? Does it make any difference if I buy at 9.00 or 8.50 or 8.00? You guessed it. I couldn’t care less. If the pressure is there and the stock is acting right I want to buy. If my timing is right I will make money. My entry price won’t matter.

Timing is more important than price!

The Coin Flip Test And Trade Probability -Anirudh Sethi

Since we are human merchants and we like what we do, executing the above-portrayed model would require a ton of tolerance and it would likewise be extremely exhausting. we better utilize a computerized forex-system to execute this coin-choice exchanging model. all we would need to do is truly utilize a guarded hazard the board of most extreme 1% per exchange, on the grounds that a half winning-likelihood would not imply that we would not need to confront 10 or 15 failure exchanges a column! recollect that these probabilities become valid in the long run!

since we like to inhale and encounter the business sectors, and we obviously need to exchange physically utilizing specialized examination or key news, we should now have a more critical investigation of the universe of cash the board, stop misfortune, take benefit, and obviously additionally the satisfactory exchange volume. since section 1 of this article arrangement, we realize how a dealer can ensure his record by straightforward RISK MANAGEMENT counts. this is totally vital and its significance can’t be rehashed regularly enough!

Presently, in the comic, sadly, flipism didn’t turn out to be well for Donald. A coin flip for every choice brought about a progression of incidents for poor Donald. Amusingly, however, so as to bargain out some proper recompense, Donald managed to pursue down the con artist Professor Batty by finding the misrepresentation behind the correct entryway dependent on a coin flip, so maybe the way of thinking holds some legitimacy. In spite of the fact that I don’t really advocate carrying on with a real existence dependent on coin flips, incidentally, coin flips and the hidden factual rules that administer coin flips are especially powerful when applied to certain issues normally looked in the information.

without utilizing any investigation technique each time you open exchange, you have a half possibility that the exchange goes toward you! the reality of the situation may prove that in 10 exchanges it goes 8 or multiple times toward you, or against you… be that as it may, in 1.000 exchanges you will have indirect 500 victors and 500 washouts. you can contrast that with tossing a coin. the more regularly you toss a coin the more you can be certain, that the scientific probability will appear and affirm the half possibility for each side of the coin or every bearing of an exchange. knowing this, all you need to do ist to pick an SL/TP-RATIO of 1:2. for instance 20 pips SL and 40 pips TP. in the event that you currently win each second exchange (half), you will naturally make benefits!


EIA weekly US oil inventories +7928K vs -1911K expected

Weekly petroleum inventories:

  • Prior was -4982K
  • Gasoline -724K vs +150K expected
  • Distillates +5495K vs +2500K expected
  • Cushing -3395K vs -5587K prior
That’s a big build but it was largely foreshadowed by the API report late yesterday. Oil is under some modest pressure and down 37-cents on the day to $32.44.
API numbers from late yesterday:
  • Crude +8731K
  • Cushing -3370K
  • Gasoline +1120K
  • Distillates +6907K

November core sector output at five-month high of 6.7%.Another Useless Data For Traders

The annual infrastructure output growth accelerated to a five-month high of 6.7%in November, driven by higher production of cement and refinery products, government data showed on Wednesday.

The output expanded 6.3% year-on-year in October. It was 3.2% in the same month last year.

On annual basis, the coal production increased by 14.5% during the month.
The cement output accelerated to 11.3% as against -1% in October.
The April-November core industries’ growth increased to 4.6% from 4.1% a year earlier.

The infrastructure sector, which comprises coal, crude oil, oil refining, natural gas, steel, cement, electricity and fertilisers, accounts for 37.9 percent of India’s industrial output.

True Story of Warren Buffett vs the Salad Oil Swindler, November 1963

MUST-READFifty years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The assassination not only shocked the nation, but shook the stock market as well. However, very few people have heard about The Great Salad Oil Swindle which nearly crippled the New York Stock Exchange that weekend. Officials at the NYSE took advantage of the closure of the exchange to keep the crisis caused by the swindle from spreading further. Here is what happened at the NYSE while the nation focused on the President’s funeral.

Salad Oil, Cornered and Quartered
The Great Salad Oil Swindle was carried out by Anthony “Tino” De Angelis, who traded vegetable oil (soybean oil) futures which was an important ingredient in salad oil. De Angelis had previously been involved in a swindle involving the National School Lunch Act and the Adolph Gobel Co. When it was discovered that he had overcharged the government and delivered over 2 million pounds of uninspected meat, he ended up bankrupt. Con-men don’t stop being cons, they just try to learn from their mistakes and make more money the next time around.

Tino de Angelis had learned that government programs were a way to make easy money, so he started the Allied Crude Vegetable Oil Refining Co. in 1955 to take advantage of the U.S. Government’s Food for Peace program. The goal of the program was to sell surplus goods to Europe at low prices. Initially, De Angelis sold massive quantities of shortening and other vegetable oil products to Europe, and when this worked, he expanded into cotton and soybeans.

 By 1962, De Angelis was a large enough player in commodity markets that he thought he could corner the soybean oil market, allowing him to make even more money. Always the schemer, De Angelis’s plan was to use his large inventories of commodities as collateral to get loans from Wall Street bank and finance companies. Buying soybean oil futures would drive up the price of his vegetable oil holdings, which would increase both the value of his inventories and allow him to profit from his futures contracts. De Angelis could use these profits not only to line his own pockets, but to pay his staff, make contributions to the community, and in one case, pay the hospital bill of a government official. (more…)

19 Ways to boost your motivation and personal effectiveness

1. Get an accountability buddy. Not only does having an accountability buddy help you stay on track to achieve the results you want, they are also a great source of motivation and keeping you effective too. To find out more about having an accountability buddy read 1o reasons to have an accountability buddy and How To Find An Accountability Buddy

2. Protect yourself from energy draining and toxic people. They will suck the life out of you and have a negative impact on your motivation and effectiveness.

3. Surround yourself with positive, constructive, solution focussed people who fuel your fire. It will give a tremendous boost to your energy levels which has a fairly hefty knock on effect to your motivation and effectiveness.

4. Create a powerful vision for your life, work and relationships. Keep focussed on it and visualise achieving it each and every day. It will help you keep motivation going when you experience setbacks, obstacles or when the brown stuff hits the fan.

5. Get fresh air – every day. Amazing the difference this makes. Try it.

6. Spend time in nature and the great outdoors. Fabulous stress buster and as stress is a motivation and effectiveness drainer this is worth doing.

7. De- clutter your mental and physical space.

8. Do more things that give you mental and physical energy. Do less of the things that drain your mental and physical energy. For a practical tip on how to do this read this.

9. Have a strong action plan and work that baby consistently! (more…)

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