Major indices close mixed. Dow down. Nasdaq higher.

Dow moves down over -300 points. S&P down after record close yesterday

The major indices are closing mixed.
  • NASDAQ closes with a three day win streak
  • S&P closes lower after yesterday’s record close
  • Dow, S&P close near session lows
  • Dow was down -325 points at the low. Close just off that low level
  • Dow has its worst day in more than two weeks
  • Russell 2000 closes at session lows
  • communications +0.24%, technology +0.19% show gains
  • energy -2.9%,industrials -1.37%, consumer Staples -1.26%, materials -1.26% we the declines

The final numbers are showing

  • Dow industrial average -323.34 points or -0.92% at 34793.06
  • S&P index -20.46 points or -0.46% at 4402.69
  • NASDAQ index up 19.24 points or 0.13% at 14780.53
  • Russell 2000 fell -27.24 points or -1.23% at 2196.34
If you were an investor in RobinHood, you are saying, “what declines?”.
Those shares of the retail broker surged higher today and reached an intraday high of $85, before moving lower. The price still closed at $70.39, up $23.59 or 50.41% on the day.
Recall the shares went public on Thursday at $38 share and close the first day at $34.82.
Other big gainer today included:
  • Novavax, +18.68%
  • Zoom, +6.91%
  • AMD, +5.5%
  • Roblox, +5.39%
  • Snap, +4.82%
  • Tencent, +4.28%
  • Chewy, +3.94%
  • Crowdstrike, +3.87%
  • Nvidia, +2.33%
The biggest Dow gainer (there were only 2 of 30) were:
  • salesforce, +1.26%
  • Nike, +0.42%
Losers today included:
  • AMC, -11.18%
  • GM, -8.95%
  • Koss, -7.17%
  • Worthington industries -5.18%
  • Ford Motor, -4.99%
  • Bed Bath and Beyond, -4.67%
  • Schlumberger, -4.46%
  • Snowflake, -3.95%
  • Gamestop, -3.78%
  • Delta Air, -3.57%
  • Southwest Air, -3.46%
The biggest Dow losers were:
  • Amgen, -6.46%
  • Chevron, -2.26%
  • Dow, -1.99%
  • Walgreens, -1.98%
  • Caterpillar, -1.89%

NASDAQ leads the way to the upside. S&P and NASDAQ break 4-day losing streak

Dow breaks 3 day slide

The S&P and NASDAQ index broke a 4 day losing streak. The Dow industrial average broke its 3 day losing streak as investors liked Feds Powell comments on the economy is resilient, and the expectations at the Fed would remain on hold for a long period of time.

A look at the final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index rose 34.49 points or 1.05% to 3315.56. It’s high reached 33 to 0.31. The low extended to 3270.95.
  • Nasdaq index rose 184.83 points or 1.71% at 10963.62. Its high reached 10979.64. The low extended to 10737.51
  • Dow rose 140.34 points or 0.52% at 27288.04. It’s high reached 27333.09. The low extended to 26989.93.

UK 2-year bond yields briefly fall below that of Japan’s for the first time ever

The Japanification of the gilt market continues

UK Japan

Japan is pretty much the benchmark for low-to-no yields in the global bond market and when another country reaches that point, it sort of rings an alarm bell to investors that there isn’t much attractiveness/value in said yields anymore.
UK long-term yields fell below their Japanese counterparts at the end of last month but now we’re seeing the front-end of the curve follow suit as well.
The rally in gilts could either be suggestive that investors are fine with being more risk averse or that those buying are pretty much stuck due to regulatory constraints.
But whatever the case is, don’t expect value investors to be searching for scrumptious returns in the UK any time soon. In turn, that may be another reason to add to the list of headwinds for the pound and the UK economy in general.

Achieving Success

Achieving SuccessIf you wish to be a successful futures or options investor, you must learn to control your losses. No talent that you develop as a trader will ever be as important to you as this. The formula for success in futures and options trading is: X (AP) – Y (AL) = SUCCESS OR FAILURE (X) is the number of profits that you have. (AP) is your average profit per trade. (Y) is the number of losses that you have. (AL) is your average loss per trade. You multiply the number of profits you have times the average of your profits to arrive at your total profits. You multiply the number of losses that you have times the average of your losses to arrive at your total losses. X (AP) equals total profits. Y (AL) equals total losses. Total profits minus total losses equals success or failure. Of this formula, the two most important letters to you are (AL). Why is the (AL) so important in your effort to achieve success. It is important because (AL) is the only element of this formula that you can control. Think about it for a while and you will see what I mean.

Victor Sperandeo -Quotes

The key to investment success is emotional discipline. Making money has nothing to do with intelligence. To be a successful investor, you have to be able to admit mistakes. I trained a guy to trade who had a 188 IQ. He was on “Jeopardy” once and answered every question correctly. That same person never made a dime in trading during 5 years!
-Victor Sperandeo

Most people lose money because of lack of emotional discipline
-the ability to keep their emotions removed from investment decisions. Dieting provides an apt analogy. Most people have the necessary knowledge to lose weight—that is they know that in order to lose weight you have to exercise and cut your intake of fats. However, despite this widespread knowledge, the vast majority of people who attempt to lose weight are unsuccessful. Why? Because they lack the emotional discipline.
-Victor Sperandeo

In my opinion, the greatest misconception about the market is the idea that if you buy and hold stocks for long periods of time, you’ll always make money. Let me give you some specific examples. Anyone who bought the stock market at any time between the 1896 low and the 1932 low would have lost money. In other words, there’s a 36 year period in which a buy-and-hold strategy would have lost money. As a more modern example, anyone who bought the market at any time between the 1962 low and the 1974 low would have lost money.
-Victor Sperandeo
-Victor Sperandeo
Once a price move exceeds its median historical age, any method you use to analyze the market, whether it be fundamental or technical, is likely to be far more accurate. For example, if a chartist interprets a particular pattern as a top formation, but the market is only up 10% from the last low, the odds are high that the projection will be incorrect. However, if the market is up 25% to 30%, then the same type of formation should be given a great deal more weight.
-Victor Sperandeo
To use a life insurance analogy, most people who become involved in the stock market don’t know the difference between a 20 year old and an 80 year old. Investing in the market without knowing what stage it is in is like selling life insurance to 20 year olds and 80 year olds at the same premium.

Trading Emotions

Confidence Without confidence it is not possible to achieve much in other streams of life. In the equity markets, it is doubly true. If you lack in self-confidence, doubts may creep up in your mind. This may lead to indecision, which in turn lead to missed opportunities and losses. For day-trading and short interval trades, confidence is of utmost importance.On the other hand, on down days be careful. In many instances, you may be tempted to book small profits just to make your day balance sheet look pretty. This is not the issue. When you are faced with loss-making trades sooner or later, that same daily balance sheet will not look pretty at all.Never be far away from the correct principles of trading no matter what your mind is tempted to think. It is just too painful to reinvent the wheel.
In order to be a successful investor/trader, you must be very disciplined. Stick to the plan of action. This means that you will stick to trading policies, trading plans and so on. Know your objective and work accordingly.
Do not seek to implement new ideas that come all the time during markets. Remember, ideas are just ideas. If you feel there is value in them, they have to be thought about, refined, tested and then brought to the trading room. If you try to implement new ideas immediately to trading all you will do is to erode capital and confidence.
Do not allow hope to loiter anywhere close to your trading system. Hope has the potential to do maximum damage to your capital.

Least Resistance

A man ought not to be led into trading by tokens. He should wait until the tape tells him that the time is ripe. As a matter of fact, millions upon millions of dollars have been lost by men who bought stocks because they looked cheap or sold them because they looked dear. The speculator is not an investor. His object is not to secure a steady return on his money at a good rate of interest, but to profit by either a rise or a fall in the price of whatever he may be speculating in. Therefore the thing to determine is the speculative line of least resistance at the moment of trading; and what he should wait for is the moment when that line defines itself, because that is his signal to get busy. ——-REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR by Edwin LeFevre

Yes, We are Unique

I remember the quote from Bernard Baruch :

“It is much harder to sell stocks correctly than to buy them correctly.” Because of the emotional aspect of trading, if a “stock went up, the average investor would hold because he wants more gains – he’s exhibiting greed. If the stock declines, he also holds on and hopes the stock will come back so he can at least sell and break even – he’s hoping against hope.”

Traders & Readers are sending us mail and writing that we are Born Bears.

-101% its wrong thinking.We write/recommend and trade according to levels only.Not interested in Economy ,Inflation figure,Monsoon or Corporate Results and basically I dont trust any Corporate !!

No Tantra ,No Mantra & No Yantra.

No Astrology !!

Just power of chart and our Vision.

Today our market forecast has confirmed it, nth time.

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After 5185, our next Nf Hurdle was 5215, it went upto 5202.  On downside after it broke our 2nd support at 5146, we alerted all our Subscribers to Sell

 everything and Short market for a possible break 5114 where after it would be a bloodbath.  You all know NF collapsed to 5058, 150 points loss from the top.

Weak Opening, V recovery from 10-35, and from 1-30 bear-attack… so don’t have any long position in market.

Expected Bank NF will crash upto 9650.But it tumbled upto 9540 level….(Our Subscribers knows…..many more things )

Now u all tell if anything else is left in this market. That’s why our recently concluded Subscription enrolment was such an astounding hit.

All our subscribers / readers are busy in counting

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Technically Yours

Anirudh Sethi/Baroda/India

The Importance of Timing the Market

Any investor can find and research the “greatest” stock on the market; one with huge potential but if the general indexes are negative, it will most likely be the wrong time to buy. A stock with accelerating earnings, rising sales, an up-trending chart pattern and a strong industry group may sound excellent to buy on the surface but will mean absolutely nothing if the market is positioned to move in the opposite direction of your expectations. As soon as a stock is purchased, the time comes for an investor to make a decision to hold or to sell. If the position shows a profit, hold as your judgment is correct. If the position shows a loss, cut it quickly and don’t rationalize the situation before the loss doubles in size. Timing will play an important role in determining if you are right or wrong.

Losers must be cut quickly, long before they materialize into enormous financial disasters. The company and underlying stock may not be a loser but rather your timing may be premature to a strong movement, forcing you to sell on a pullback. After a stock is cut from your portfolio, the transaction must be forgotten about and eliminated from your subconscious mind and/or emotional bank. This may sound as if I am contradicting myself from Monday but I am not. I said the transaction must be eliminated from your memory bank but not the actual trade. (more…)

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