India reports record daily new coronavirus cases of 66,999 in latest update today

That brings the total confirmed cases in the country to nearly 2.4 million

India is among the countries that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic as the struggle to balance between the health crisis and the economic fallout is particularly stark.

As for the health crisis, the bright side is that over 1.6 million of those infected has recovered from the disease. However, the spread is still outpacing the number of recoveries:
At the start of July, India reported ~220,000 active cases in the country. That figure is now ~643,000. The only positive – if you really want to look at it that way – is that the mortality sits at just ~1.9%. That is better than the ~3.2% seen in Brazil and the US.
In the bigger picture, as long as the health crisis worsens in India, it will have an impact on the global economic situation in general. Before the pandemic, there have been talks that India’s share of global growth might rival that of US, China in the next decade.
They were already among the top five – some would argue top three – contributors of global growth over the past few years, so any major setback to India will also be a setback for the global economy in that sense.

Shanghai Composite :Chart looks scary !

-Above is the Monthly chart of Shanghai Composite.

Just watch 2956 level  very closely.Three Consecutive close below this level +Weekly close will take to 2821-2776 level.

Break and close below 2776 ,Nonstop slide upto 2640-2595 level.

Trend Reversal will be above 3200 level.

I will Update more (Next week ).

Updated at 12:42/23rd April/Baroda

Traders-You are having Skill or You are Lucky

Traders with skill have large gains after 100 trades and are relatively quiet, traders that were lucky have huge gains after a few trades and are very loud, then very quiet for the next few trades that usually bring their account to zero.
Traders with skill risk 1% to 2% of their trading capital per trade and win in the long term, traders that are just lucky risk the majority of their account for a few big wins in the short term but lose in the long term when their luck runs out.
Traders with skill use a successful method with different stocks, currencies, commodities, future markets while traders with just luck are only successful with one lucky pick in one of those markets and when its up trend ends their winning streak ends.
Traders with skill have winning track records over many years, traders with only luck only have winning track records measured in months.
Traders with skill have risk management as a top priority, traders with only luck do not understand why risk management is important, yet.
Traders with skill are trading like it is a business, traders operating with luck are trading like they are a gambler in a casino. (more…)

Astec LifeSciences :Will kiss 101-106


Pay more attention to the technicals

Newly Listed stock ,U need Third eye to look at chart.

-Just check out volume chart and Enjoy Big blast.

I’ve learned to seek out opinions that challenge my analysis and beliefs and ignore the rest

Stock Traded at NSE-BSE

Yesterday’s close Rs.89

Today ,JUST have a eye on 91 level.Crossover will create unexpected buying and in minutes will kiss 101……………….& there after upperlock.

It’s a screaming Buy…….!!

Updated at 9:08/3rd Dec/Baroda

29 One Liner Trading Rules

  • Take no trades without establishing a complete and precise trading plan before the initial trigger.
  • Keep an open mind for new market scenarios based on what the price action and pattern setups provide.
  • Always trade with the trend.
  • Once I am in a trade, stick with the original plan for target and stop-loss – Don’t panic!
  • Make every trade meet the strategy requirements and what happens from there is up to the market.
  • I need to exercise greater patience in both buying and selling.
  • Be more willing to take a position, even if it is very small. It is tough though to gain the confidence to do so as the market has been tough. (more…)
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