Gold : Who's Got It And Who's Finding It

With the dramatic rise in gold’s popularity many still need to be educated about some of the core concepts of the gold market, such as who holds it, and who produces it. Courtesy of Money Hacker we have a useful visual representation that answers precisely these two questions. In addition, here are some of the most useful and trivial factoids about gold, that have no bearing on its price whatsoever, but serve as perfect cocktail small talk.

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Some Insights into the data on the infographic:

All Gold Ever Mined – The total amount of gold ever mined is estimated to be worth around US$5 trillion.

How Gold is Used – You might have though (like me) that most of the gold in the world stored in bank vaults and lock-boxes? Actually, 78 % of the worlds’ gold is made into jewelery. Other industries, mostly electronics, medical, and dental, require about 12%. The remaining 10% of the yearly gold supply is used in financial transactions. (more…)

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