Repetition Repetition Repetition

In Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code we learn the three rules of deep practice.  Rule number two is Repeat It.

“Nothing you can do – talking, thinking, reading, imagining- is more effective in building skill than executing the action, firing the impulse down the nerve fiber, fixing errors, honing the circuit.”

This explanation reveals why it is impossible to transfer trading prowess from one person to another.  You can’t talk, think, read, or imagine your way to elite performance.  The key lies in the “doing”, going through the motions.  Now that’s not to say talking or reading about trading isn’t helpful.  It is.  I pick up tons of insight from talking with other investors and traversing the trading blogosphere.  I’m like a hungry orphan hiding below the tables of successful traders just hoping they’ll drop a few morsels of wisdom I can chew on.  Yet it’s not a substitute for “executing the action”.  Nothing replaces sitting in front of my computer, monitoring positions, assessing  potential trades and most importantly pulling the trigger. (more…)

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