The 3 Laws that Govern Stock Prices

Contrary to popular belief by the majority of the general population and even investors and traders stocks are not tied to their fundamental values or even the companies that sold the shares to raise capital. Stock prices are tied to simply what the current buyer and seller in the market is willing to exchange ownership for. That is what determines price, nothing else. So the big question is what are the rules that govern the change in a stocks price?

The laws of economics governs price movement in the market. There are three laws articulated by legendary trader and market pioneer Richard Wyckoff that captures what causes current price reality and what changes it.

The Law of Supply and Demand

The excess of demand (buyers) over supply (sellers) causes a stock’s price to go up. The excess of supply over demand causes a stock’s price to go down.

The price is determined by the law of supply and demand.

The price moves up and down to balance the supply and demand to the equilibrium.

“The stock is only worth the other people are willing to pay for it”— (more…)

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