"6 Skills For Traders"

Whether it is day trading, scalping, or investing,there are fundamental skills that each trader should master. Skill-building activities will help you sharpen your ability to make money and cash in on critical market movements.
1. Don’t Be a Perfectionist
Consistent profits are achieved from winning more than you lose – not winning every single trade.There are plenty of professional traders who generate profits by winning just 10% of their trades by maximizing gains and minimizing their losses.
2. Stick to a Trading Plan
Developing a trading plan is extremely important.Day trading around your own set plan for each position will produce consistent profits. A trading plan planner should be your best friend when developing your own trading
style. The key is sticking to what you’ve written down on paper.
3. Know the Odds
You should know the payoff odds for each trade that you take.Scalping produces large gains from small movements with higher risk than swing trading. Your trading plan should include a way to regulate how much capital you’re willing to risk on each position – but you should never risk more than 2% of your total account value. (more…)

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