How can you enhance perceived self efficacy

Self efficacy is built through four processes:
Mastery experience
Role modelling
verbal persuasion
psychological cues.
These four are in order of importance. Most critical way to build self efficacy is through a mastery experience.

Mastery experience is basically a successful experience of mastering a task. Mastery experiences happen when the learner has reached the point where they understand the content knowledge enough to perform a task on their own or masters the task. It happens if the learner goes in to sufficient depth on material he trying to learn. It happens as a result of immersion in a particular field or task. It happens with plenty of prior exposure to the content.

At some stage the learners are able to interpret the results of their actions and use those results to develop their own capability to engage in future actions or tasks. Then the learner become auto learners. They are able to participate in tasks on a first hand basis with little or no assistance from outside influences. When you experience a intense mastery experience you get a feedback on your own capabilities. Long and sustained efforts are required for mastery experience.  (more…)
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