9 Skills to be Acquired by Traders

1)Learning the dynamics of goal achievement so you can stay positively focused on what u want-not what u fear.

2)Learning how to recognize the skills you need to progress as a trader and then stay focused on the development of those skills,instead of the money ,which is merely a by product of your skills.

3)Learning how to adapt yourself to respond to fundamental changes in market condtions more readily.

4)Identifying the amount of risk you are comfortable with -your “risk comfort level”-and the learn how to expand is in a way that is consistent with your ability to maintain an objective perspective of market activity.

5)Learning how to execte your trades immediately upon your perception of an opportunity.

6)Learning how to let the market tell you how much s enough instead of assessing the potential from your personal value system of how much is enough.

7)Learning how to structure your belieds to control your perception of market movement.

8)Learning how to achieve and maintain a state of objectivity.

9)Learning how to recognie “true ” intutive information and then learning how to act on it consistenly.

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