Irrational and Odd Behaviors of Traders

Anchoring: our habit of focusing on one salient point and ignoring all others, such as the price at which we buy a stock.

Bias Blind Spot: we agree that everyone else is biased, but not ourselves.

Confirmation Bias: we interpret evidence to support our prior beliefs and, if all else fails, we ignore evidence that contradicts it.

Disposition Effect: we prefer to sell shares whose value has increased and keep those whose value’s dropped.

Framing: the way a question or situation is framed can determine your response.

Fundamental Attribution Error: we attribute success to our own skill and failure to everyone else’s lack of it.

Herding: we tend to flock together, especially under conditions of uncertainty.

Illusion of Control: we do things that make us feel in control, even if we’re not.

Loss Aversion: we do stupid things to avoid realizing a loss.

Overconfidence: we’re way too confident in our abilities, which seems to be an in-built bias that we’re unable to overcome without excessive effort.

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