Signs of Depression

Trading demands preparation ,concentration and executions.If your trading is getting worse or making no progress it could be a sign of mild depression.Some of the signs of mild depression are :

*Lack of appetite
*Not wanting to do anything
*Not showering ,shaving or getting dressed in the morning.
*Feeling of inadequacies
*Not wanting to talk to friends
*Consumption of alcohol above normal amount.
*Spantaneious crying
*Need to be left alone
*Not wanting to talk on the telephone when it rings

This is just partial list.Should the symptoms become extreme please see a physician ,,there after excellent medications that can jolt you out of this condition.In addition there after some homeopathic remedies that just might to the trick.

1)Take a three to five day break and do not watch the monitor or the charts at any time.
2)Begin an exercise program-this increases the production of endorphins in our brain ,which help raise our spirits.

3)Find a hobby to take your mind off your woes.

4)Begin a positive thinking program into your daily routine-such as Tony Robbins-Personal Power Program.
5)Do something to help someone much more challenged than you.Battered wives and battered children,the homeless ,blind elderly people ,etc.

6)Change your diet to eat only wholesome foods with no additives.No soft drinks ,alcohol ,high sugar deserts.Flood your body with water ,fresh fruits and vegetables and small amounts of protein.

You do not need to devote a lot of time to any of these but a little of each one will yield recognizable results.If the conditions gets worse see your physician !

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