The only way to be successful in the markets

Successful businesswomanSome might have longer holding periods they like to stick to. Some might prefer switching positions on a much more frequent basis. It all comes down to the same. Getting exposure to opportunities. Here’s a quote from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book ‘The Black Swan’ describing that phenomenon. Quote from page 170:

“… seemed to follow implicitly, though not explicitly, Louis Pasteur’s adage about creating luck by sheer exposure. ‘Luck favors the prepared,’ Pasteur said, and, like all great discoverers, he knew something about accidental discoveries. The best way to get maximal exposure is to keep researching. Collect opportunities…”

So whenever a trade doesn’t work keep in mind the outcome of one single trade doesn’t really matter. What it all comes down to is to repeat the process over and over again. In the long run doing research on a regular basis and getting exposure to opportunities is the only way to be successful in the markets.

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