Maurice Pernot Autograph Manuscript Signed – Incredible Content About Gandhi #Mypersonalcollection #AnirudhSethi

Autograph manuscript in French, signed “Maurice Pernot” seven pages, 8.25 x 10.5, circa 1930. An untranslated article entitled “Gandhi, l’Inde et l’Empire,” discussing Mohandas Gandhi’s non-violent protest against the salt tax with the Salt March, the social condition of the ‘untouchables’ and women in India, English fabrics, and global opinion. In small part (translated):

Why did he choose his choice of Ahimsa (non-violence)? It is because he took as his starting point, not an abstract idea, but a present reality, India with its diverse peoples, its religious beliefs, its social traditions, India with its virtues and with its faults…He is still an active and a realist. inspires, it is on reality that it is based…The result? No one would dare to predict its importance…The logical solution of the Indian problem—as of all colonial problems—should undoubtedly be sought in a formula of political and economic association.

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