Yes, We are Unique

I remember the quote from Bernard Baruch :

“It is much harder to sell stocks correctly than to buy them correctly.” Because of the emotional aspect of trading, if a “stock went up, the average investor would hold because he wants more gains – he’s exhibiting greed. If the stock declines, he also holds on and hopes the stock will come back so he can at least sell and break even – he’s hoping against hope.”

Traders & Readers are sending us mail and writing that we are Born Bears.

-101% its wrong thinking.We write/recommend and trade according to levels only.Not interested in Economy ,Inflation figure,Monsoon or Corporate Results and basically I dont trust any Corporate !!

No Tantra ,No Mantra & No Yantra.

No Astrology !!

Just power of chart and our Vision.

Today our market forecast has confirmed it, nth time.

Refer to this exclusivity in our web-site.

As per the forecast market was weak till 10-35, then recovered to +ve zone uptill 1-35 and as per the unique forecast, collapsed from 1-35 only to dwindle down heavily till end. 

After 5185, our next Nf Hurdle was 5215, it went upto 5202.  On downside after it broke our 2nd support at 5146, we alerted all our Subscribers to Sell

 everything and Short market for a possible break 5114 where after it would be a bloodbath.  You all know NF collapsed to 5058, 150 points loss from the top.

Weak Opening, V recovery from 10-35, and from 1-30 bear-attack… so don’t have any long position in market.

Expected Bank NF will crash upto 9650.But it tumbled upto 9540 level….(Our Subscribers knows…..many more things )

Now u all tell if anything else is left in this market. That’s why our recently concluded Subscription enrolment was such an astounding hit.

All our subscribers / readers are busy in counting

their earnings while all Bulls ,Blue Channel (Analysts ),Website Analysts are singing


Technically Yours

Anirudh Sethi/Baroda/India

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