Stock Trading Rules

istock Many of you have asked us  that you have  plan on or have written a book on the subject of trading. We haven’t yet, but plans are
 currently in the works for one. In organizing our notes recently, We have found a number of great trading rules that we have gathered
 along the way. Here are a few that we think are particularly helpful now:
 1. Be on the correct side of the supply and demand forces at work.
 2. Never upset the trading Gods by talking up your book. Hubris kills.
 3. Risk must be embraced, not feared.
 4. Reversals are always more lucrative than trends.
 5. Cycles tend to change before you can take advantage of them.
 6. Wishful thinking and emotional trading are a loser’s game.
 7. Never fall in love with a winning stock.

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