How Stephen Hawking Understands The Universe In 150 Seconds [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how the legendary Stephen Hawking thinks about the universe? He has worked on some of the most mind-boggling physics and cosmology questions, like what’s at the center of a black hole. This video from The Guardian’s Made Simpleseries, animated by Scriberia, explains some of the main ideas of Hawking’s complex theories from his book A Brief History of Time, in just 150 seconds.

Here are some of the highlights from the video.

What actually is at the center of a black hole? A singularity – or tons of matter packed into a tiny space. That high concentration of matter basically creates infinite gravity – that’s why nothing can escape a black hole.

What happens when a black hole disappears? It explodes, and the explosion has a force equivalent to a million nuclear bombs.

Why is Stephen Hawking so well-known? His work suggests that at one point, everything in our universe was squeezed into one of those singularities. Then, it exploded into the universe as we know it now.

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