10 Minute Toughness

If you’re looking for a simple program to develop the mental skills necessary to be a successful trader, then check out 10 Minute Toughness – The Mental Training Program for Winning Before the Game Begins. Jason Selk works with many of the worlds top athletes to develop the mental toughness needed for sports success and his program translates perfectly to trading. I’ve been working with the book for a few months now -its easy to read, easy to implement and the program is excellent! As the book says “No psychobabble, no self-help cliches, no touchy feely theories. 10 Minute Toughness is the simple and effective mental-training program to help you get focused, stay on target and find a competitive edge.” The program contains short impactful exercises to help you

  • calm your heart-rate and maintain a relaxed state of mind
  • stay focused on the aspects of your trading that will most help you succeed
  • build confidence
  • perform mental run-throughs that prepare you for the market day

What I particularly find helpful is the emphasis on process goals.  Many of us focus on goal setting in terms of performance goals like making so many points a week. A process goal shifts the focus to concentrate on the specific aspects of trading that will help you achieve the performance you are looking for. It helps you keep your attention each day on the one or two things that will improved your trading. The book is very consistent with what Brett Steenbarger teaches and yet somehow I found it more accessible and easy to implement.  The detailed examples of top athletes, baseball, basketball and football players makes the book fun to read and easy to get. This book will make a great addition to every traders library

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